Young Martha ft Meek MillHomie

Role VFX
Oscar Hudson’s first video since Bonobo’s No Reason is another one-shot tour de force. Well, nearly a one-shot.But in true Oscar Hudson style, the video for Young Thug and Carnage’s magic is achieved largely in-camera, and once again it’s the result of a specially-made camera rig – in this case, one that travels through a 360 parabola. It reveals a scene of domestic magnificence, that gets brutal – mostly off-camera. Add some gravity-defing visual flouriths and you have a video that demands to be watched again and again. It’s nuts, and the business.

  1. Director Oscar Hudson
  2. Producer Dylan Harrington
  3. Production Company Pulse Films
  4. Executive Producer Rik Green
  5. Executive Producer Alli Maxwell
  6. Executive Producer Alli Maxwell
  7. Director of Photography Kristian Zuniga
  8. Art Director Andrew O'Connor
  9. Colourist Toby Tomkins
  10. Grading Company CHEAT
  11. VFX Ross McDowell
  12. VFX Maria Cecilia Tedemalm
  13. VFX Kent Hugo

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