Kurupt FM ft Ed SheeranComic Relief

  • Berlin Music Video Awards Nomination
    Berlin Music Video Awards Nomination

Ben & Ross guide the guys from the phenomenal People Just Do Nothing through an excellently misguided version of Africa, liberating the continent with their UKG and Grime vibes – mostly (but it seems not all) courtesy of great greenscreen, with the initially oblivious but ultimately offended Ed.

A refreshingly irreverent and even postmodern approach to an important cause, which arguably outshone the more well-publicised stuff broadcast on this year’s Red Nose Day for Comic Relief. Surely no one was funnier than Chabuddy G…

  1. Director Ross McDowell
  2. Director Ben Murray
  3. Producer Jon Petrie
  4. Production Company Bullion Productions
  5. Production Manager Georgia Collins
  6. Director of Photography James Rhodes
  7. Editor Charlie Bird
  8. VFX Ross McDowell
  9. VFX Maria Cecilia Tedemalm

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