WSTRNCome Down

Role VFX

Directing-duo Adriano Vilanova and Georgie Curran have directed a cameo-filled video for UK hip-hop group WSTRN’s new single Come Down, a song which samples the Evelyn King’s post-disco classic Love Come Down.

Featuring Tinie Tempah, Example, Krept & Konan, Kehlani, and many more UK acts, the video plays out like a Who’s Who of UK rap and R&B. A fun, nicely-shot video set in an East London house party, which adds to the prevailing celebratory feeling that UK rap is starting to get its time in the spotlight.

  1. Director Adriano Vilanova
  2. Director Georgie Curran
  3. Executive Producer Katie Dolan
  4. Producer Nancy Ryan
  5. Production Company Black Dog / RSA
  6. Production Manager Stephanie Paeplow
  7. Editor Jack Singer
  8. VFX Ross McDowell
  9. VFX Maria Cecilia Tedemalm
  10. Commissioner Shadeh Smith

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