Mind EnterprisesGirlfriend

  • VOTD

Mind Enterprises follow up their parody of Eastern-influenced wellness cults in Idealistic with this wonderfully cinematic video for their track Girlfriend, directed by Ben & Ross.

Set in a large pool, we see a jittery teenage boy bemused by his alluring crush, a girl with some excellent diving skills. Thanks to some excellent casting and performances, and the tonal precision of the shot’s framing and lighting, the video manages to express a range of emotions in seconds – from nervous butterflies to bliss to fear – perfectly summing up that experience of falling in love.

  1. Director Ross McDowell
  2. Director Ben Murray
  3. Producer Tina Pawlik
  4. Production Company Bullion Productions
  5. Executive Producer Drew O'Neill
  6. Executive Producer Hannah Gracie
  7. Director of Photography Tim Sidell
  8. Editor Chris Roebuck
  9. Colourist Jospeh Bicknell
  10. Grading Company CHEAT

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