The Dead WeatherImpossible Winner

  • UK Music Video Award 2017
    UK Music Video Award 2017

Ross McDowell of directing duo Ben & Ross has teamed up with pop video heavyweight Sophie Muller, to create this awesomely eerie video for Impossible Winner, in which rock supergroup The Dead Weather play freakshow captives, jailed in a travelling boxcar.

  1. Director Ross McDowell
  2. Director Sophie Muller
  3. Producer Grant Jue
  4. Production Company Wondros
  5. Executive Producer Bethany Gould
  6. Director of Photography Roger Pistole
  7. Director of Photography Giovanni Ribisi
  8. Art Director Joni Wheeler
  9. Editor Sophie Muller
  10. Colourist Tom Russell
  11. Grading Company Preditors
  12. VFX Ross McDowell
  13. VFX Maria Cecilia Tedemalm
  14. Commissioner Dilly Gent

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